A few new releases of my ScalaJS-programs

Made some more or less seemingly lucky attempts this weekend to release new versions of some of my ScalaJS-programs, namely scalajs-notifyjs and OOREP.

Main motivation was to update OOREP to be using ScalaJS 1.x, by which I first had to update a dependency to one of my own programs, scalajs-notifyjs, to also support said ScalaJS version. I have to say, publishing a Scala package, no matter how big or small, all seems a bit like voodoo, where only priests of level 35 get initiated. In particular, I find getting the build.sbt right quite a challenge every single time I’m faced with this, with all of SBT’s cryptic options and symbols, and changes between various versions that bring perl or sed to mind. That’s software that can do everything, but you have to look up every minute detail every time you use it, if you don’t do it on a daily basis.

Anway, it all seems to work now, but I welcome feedback in case there are problems, of course.